Supply Chain Management

Wire & Cable Harness Assembly & Control Panel Assembly Contract Manufacturing Program Management | ArimonOur full-scale supply chain management services, customized to meet your specific needs, ensure Arimon solutions are true “turnkey” solutions that reduce cost, integrate seamlessly into your systems and improve your overall efficiency and productivity.

Worldwide Component Sourcing

Our materials team sources components and raw materials worldwide to ensure the best possible combination of pricing, quality and performance, and manages the supply chain so you don’t have to.

Arimon supply chain partners include, but are not limited to, all the major industry suppliers, but we don’t stop there. Our sourcing team travels worldwide each year seeking alternative solutions.

Reduce your component costs and let Arimon worry about lead times, logistics and quality audits!


Kanban signal release replenishment systems are an integral part of Arimon’s lean manufacturing processes. Instead of using forecasts to identify changes in demand, components and finished goods are replenished as they are used, in amounts per your set signals. As a result, lead time is reduced and excess inventory cost eliminated.

Material Consignment

Customer owned materials and components used in production can be consigned to our care. In addition to maintaining the consigned materials and components, Arimon can also save you time by monitoring and reporting stock levels, handling reorders, receiving inspections and documentation.

MRP Sharing

Do you have a lot of part numbers to manage, taking up buying and planning time that could be put to better use? Let Arimon help! By sharing part of your material requirements planning (MRP) system, we can work with you to set up MRP parameters and handle that work for you - saving you time and the cost of excess inventory.

Kitting Programs & Custom Packaging

Need kitting or custom packaging – no problem! Arimon is equipped and experienced in working with our customers to understand their needs and engineer kitting and packaging solutions that ensure your assemblies arrive ready for efficient installation to save you time and money.

Finished Goods Inventory Management & Logistics

Arimon can support nearly any finished goods inventory management or logistics supply chain management system needs - Vender Managed Inventory (VMI), Kanban, Just In Time (JIT) or custom finished goods stocking programs.

Reduce your inventory, purchasing and administrative costs, ensure you have the right parts at the right time, and improve your operation’s efficiency and productivity with the right customized inventory management solution.

Delivering On Our Commitment

Sourcing, purchasing, on time delivery, and successfully managing it all, are a critical part of true “turnkey” solutions that will help you compete and grow – and that is part of our commitment to you. We have the experience, resources and focus to ensure that is a commitment you can count on!

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