Ultrasonic Welding For More Reliable Wire Connections

Arimon continues expanding it’s capabilities and expertise in state-of-the-art wire and cable harness contract manufacturing, adding ultrasonic welding for more reliable wire connections in electrical wiring harnesses and cable assemblies.

Ultrasonic welding technology uses the energy of high frequency vibrations to bond together wiring, or wire to other metal components. Ultrasonic welding wiring harness and cable assembly connections provides a superior, more reliable connection over soldering and crimping. In addition, it is more cost effective and uses less material, requiring only the components being bonded.

Part of Arimon’s commitment to their customers includes employing the latest technology and providing the highest level of quality and reliability, to ensure their customers gain competitive advantage with each and every assembly Arimon produces. Addition of these ultrasonic welding capabilities is just another example of this commitment.

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