Design & Engineering

Wire & Cable Harness Assembly, Box Build Assembly & Control Panel Assembly Contract Manufacturing Design & Engineering | ArimonArimon partners with you from design through delivery to help engineer your success!

The greatest ROI and successes are realized when we partner early in the development process, starting with the concept and design phase.

Our experienced design and engineering team knows the right questions to ask to ensure all aspects of the design, manufacture and use are considered.

  • Quality, reliability, and performance
  • Operating environment
  • Component compatibility, availability, and reliability
  • Second sourcing strategies
  • Manufacturability, assembly processes and efficiencies
  • UL, CSA, IPC and ROHS compliance

Arimon design and engineering focus is on solutions that help you:

  • Improve performance, quality, productivity, and manufacturability
  • Reduce costs and inefficiencies
  • Speed your time to market and meet deadlines
  • Gain competitive advantage

We offer on-site design and engineering support, full-scale supply chain management, and as well as samples and prototypes, including rapid prototyping or short run manufacturing prior to full production. In addition, your Arimon program manager is with you each step of the way to ensure timely and effective communication and provide whatever level of assistance you require.

Arimon also takes responsibility for keeping your design drawings, documentation and specifications current. Attention to detail is part of our commitment and value we provide as a supply chain partner.

Benefit from Arimon’s 70 years of experience providing control panel assembly, box build assembly, wiring harness assemblycable assembly and electromechanical assembly contract manufacturing solutions to OEMs in a wide range of industries. Discover if successful solutions from another industry may also work for you. Review your existing components and assemblies to determine if additional efficiencies, savings or improvements can be gained.

Contact Arimon today to start a conversation about your needs and consider putting our experience to work for you! We look forward to working through your design and manufacturing challenges - basic to complex - to help engineer your success!